Founded in 2003

In September 2003,China Jo-Jo Drugstore and Jiuzhou Pharmacy were established


China Jo-Jo Drugstore was awarded Top 100 chain drugstore brands in China; meanwhile, it became the first company in Zhejiang to receive an online pharmacy license.


In April, China Jo-Jo Drugstore became China’s the second drugstore chain to list on Nasdaq stock exchange, under the ticker “CJJD”.
In the same year, the company ranked 36th among the Top 100 chain drugstores in China.


Company’s online pharmacy became the first few drugstores licensed to sell medicine online through “Tmall drugstore” which is the pharmaceuticals and medical products channel of Alibaba Group's B2C e-commerce site Tmall, with sales revenue exceeding 10,000,000 RMB.
Subsidiary Shouantang Bio was awarded “Time-honored brand” by the Department of Commerce of ZheJiang Province.
The company successfully completed the acquisition of Jiuxin Medicine.


The company was awarded the “Best Growing Commerce Business” by the government of Hangzhou, where G20 was held four years later.


The company was awarded “Key Distribution Enterprise” by Department of Commerce of ZheJiang Province.


The company was awarded the “Best Management Prize” by China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce.
The online pharmacy became the Top 20 B2C pharmacetical platform in China.


The company rapidly expanded into a group of 131 chain drugstores, three clinics , one online pharmacy platform, as well as a wholesale distritbution center and a farming subsidiary,etc.
COO Mr. Hu Wei joined company’s management team, aiming at implementing its corporate strategic transformation as establishing China’s the most advanced intelligent medicine & diagnostic model.